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We created this service for ourselves across the nation between four struggling investors and now we are ready to go prime time!! We use this service every month and keep our virtual assistants busy. So will you!!

So how does it work?

The Real Estate Investor will drive and look at all of the houses in a neighborhood. They will write down the addresses that they would like to contact. They will take a picture of the addresses and 24 hours later the Investor will receive the owner’s name, mailing address, email and phone number.

Other Services

Its up to you to determine what is the best method to reach out these owner’s. We have multiple recommendations for mail providers, bulk email systems and call scripts. We don’t provide any of these. Our service is simple and effective. We are the perfect tool for the old and new investor to save time from administrative and research tasks at a reasonable price.

Who Is A Typical Real Estate Investors?

Some investors are actually agents driving for MLS listings. Some are looking for wholesale deals and others for lease option deals. Some drive for dollars looking for ‘subject to’ and rehab projects. Each lists is specific to the investor’s skill and exit strategy expertise.


Your membership gives you access to a portal and has no minimums. Your portal allows you to upload pictures of your addresses that you need additional information. You can cancel anytime. Your limited to 5 submissions per month and 2000 addresses per month.

Monthly Membership - $7
You have access to all of our "Driving For Dollars" services.
This includes taking a picture of your list without having to type it. Also we will research each address and find the owner.
Additionally, we will perform a real estate "skip trace" of the owner to provide email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
You are limited to 5 submissions per month and 2000 addresses per month.
"Returned Mail" services are also included in this basic membership. This allows for the member to submit 30 envelopes per submission that have been returned by the post office.