Driving For Dollars

Help For Real Estate Investors With Driving For Dollars

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Do we have to type the list after driving for dollars?

No. Take a picture of your list and send it to us.

Do we have to provide the owner’s name?

No. You give us the address and we will provide the owner name.

What information will I get for each address?

You will receive the owner’s name, owner’s mailing address, any associated email addresses, and any associated phone numbers. The phone numbers can be mobile and landline.

How much does the service cost?

The service requires a monthly subscription for $7 per month and then $0.50 per address on your list. You are limited to 5 submissions per month and 2000 addresses per month.

When do I get the information for each address?

24 Hours after submission.

I just drove my a distressed property and I want to reach out quickly. Can I submit this one address?

Yes. This counts as 1 of your submissions in a month.

Does this work for properties listed on MLS?

Yes. This works for any property in the United States of America?

Why is driving for dollars effective?

Any address you buy from a list provider has been sold multiple times for YEARS. You have a list of properties that are in distress NOW that only you are aware of when you drive for dollars.

Can you give me an example of how I would use the service?

Example: You went driving for dollars in five times this month and gathered 10 unique addresses each time. You paid $7 for the monthly subscription and $25 for a hot list of properties. You received five maps with your addresses mapped out. You received five lists with the addresses from your handwritten list. You will receive all of the owner contact information.

I mailed 500 postcards and 20 of them came back with a yellow label saying I have the wrong address. Can you help me?

Yes. Take a picture of each envelope and submit just like a list of driving for dollar names. You can upload up to 30 pictures per submission

Is this a skip trace?

Yes, this is a real estate skip trace. We do not provide SSN or credit history of the owner. The list is checked against the Do Not Call registry.

Do I have to use PayPal and do I have to use my PayPal email address with your service?

We only use Paypal. When you receive your login link to the portal you can use any email you wish.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription any time?

Yes. If you are having problems cancelling please email us at info@d4dhelp.com

What happens if the property is owned by a bank or business?

You can receive a $0.25 credit code for your next submission.