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Checklist for Driving For Dollars

  1. You Have A Route – You have talked to over 100 buyers in your target market and you have mapped out all of their purchases in the past six months and you will choose a path around these properties to find similar properties to place under contract.

2. You Have A Buddy – We are driving slowly to take a look at a few different characteristics of the home. It’s safer to bring a buddy to write down addressed while you drive.

3. You Have A Sign – Buy having a magnet on the side of your car that says “We Buy Houses” no one will guess why you are slowing investigating every house in the neighborhood.

4. You Have Business Cards – Whenever someone is outside and staring you down now is the time to make a new friend. Jump out of the car and hand them a business card and find out if they now anyone looking to sell.

5. You Have Brochures – While driving for dollars you see a home that would be a great candidate for a real estate deal. Jump out the car and place a brochure or door knocker or post card on the door and see if you get a call back. It doesn’t hurt to place a few neon green postcards on the fallen gutter. It’s not a bad idea to take a picture of the property before you drop off the marketing material.

6. You Have A Goal – If you can get 100 houses on your hand written list in 2 hours you have a good stopping point. Here is an example worksheet we use to write down addresses. It is our short hand to quickly write down properties as we drive.

StateCityStreet NameHouse #Score
NJNewarkMain St1233
NJNewarkMain St2017

7. Time Your Driving – The best days to go are the first few days after a snowfall or heavy rain. Also, the fist few days after the first grass cut should have been completed. HOA’s like to write infractions on Thursday’s and Friday’s. If you can go driving neighborhoods with HOA’s on a Monday you will find that this is the best day of the week for D4D.

How We Can Help!

You were prepared and now you have a list of 100 addresses that need attention. Our solution allows you to take a picture of the handwritten list and let us work for you

  • Convert the picture into text
  • Map out the properties
  • Send you the owners and mailing addresses
  • Optional – Send you the owner’s email and mobile number with a real estate”skip trace”

Now your ready to send a letter or make a phone call. To buy these services please visit here.

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